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A highly versatile tool, band saws can cut through wood or metal in a straight line, in a curve, or in a more irregular shape. Basically a long, thin looped blade that runs between two wheels, a band saw offers excellent control during the cutting process, meaning you can use it for far more delicate work than would be possible with most other types of power saws. Band Saw Blades. Circular Saw Blades De-Sta-Co Clamps. Abrasives. Vertical Bandsaws Horizontal Bandsaws Circular Saws Ironworkers Plate Saws Modern Machine Simonds Files Dake Presses& Equip More Great Products Sale Items We accept : Trouble-shooting and Break-in procedure guides for band saw blades View and Download Delta Horizontal Band Saw safety manual online. Delta Horizontal Band Saw Safety Rules. Horizontal Band Saw saw pdf manual download.

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The hack saw is the most common hand saw used to cut metal. The hack saw's most recognizable characteristic is a rigid, C-shaped frame attached to a pistol grip handle. A thin, slightly flexible blade runs across the open portion of the hack saw's frame. The blade's teeth vary in size and spacing according to application.

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Band saw definition is - a saw in the form of an endless steel belt running over pulleys; also : a power saw using this device usually with the blade in a vertical position.The band saw can be used to cut several pieces of wood of the same size simultaneously. Stack the pieces together and secure the stack with masking tape.- Carbide Saw Grinders - Tool and Cutter/Profile Grinders - Cold Saw and Metal Saw Grinding - Router Bit Grinders - Surface & Knife Grinders - Saw and Tool Cleaning, and Filtration - Band Saw Welders / Grinders - Misc. Machinery and Parts - Brazing Equipment - Sandblasters

These saws use a thin band-like blade that's mounted on pulleys to cut through most materials with an up and down motion. As a result of the thin blade design, you can even do some intricate cutting that...

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